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Marketing Sripts and Documents

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A few sample contracts

Flex option

Non circumvent


Script – Seller Script

Script – Radio Ad – 60 Second – One step

Script – Radio Ad – 60 Second – 2 Step

Script – Incoming Call Script

Script – Incoming Call Script – Answering Service

Script – Investor Buyer Questionnaire


Letter – Pre-Foreclosure 

Letter – Pre-Foreclosure free advice

Letter – Pre-Foreclosure – Stop Your Upcoming Foreclosure

Letter – Obituary

Letter Landlord

Letter – For Real Estate Agents

Letter – Expired Listing or Pre-Foreclosure

Letter – Divorce Letter

Letter – Attorney Letter

Special reports

Special Report – 7 Ways To Avoid Foreclosure

Special Report – Lease Purchase


Yellow page ad

Testimonial Page

Sign – Yard

Sign – Truck

Property Report Sheet

Form – Income Expense FormFlyer – We Buy Houses

Flyer – Need To Sell Quickly

Classified Ads – 7 misc

Classified Ad – We Buy Houses

Ant Farm Ad