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Expansion Pack


Included in the Expansion Pack:

Find real estate investors video: This video is designed to find real estate investors in the area of your choice. As a real estate professional you know your relationships are your resume. This video is designed to connect you with other real estate investors in a meaningful way and help you establish a real connection with the successful real estate investors in your area.

Short Sale Success video series: This video series is specifically designed for the individual who markets to individuals facing foreclosure. Inside this video series individuals facing foreclosure are educated on the process and why taking immediate action is vitally important. This video paints you as an honest individual who can step in, submit a short sale offer and relieve them of their stress. Investors and Agents mail this video out to individuals in foreclosure, use it as a free giveaway on their website, and leave it at the doorstep of homes in foreclosure. This video will greatly separate you from any competition.

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Asset manager video series: When dealing with asset managers they need straight forward answers and do not have time for tire kickers. The Asset Manager Video series educates the asset manager on your ability to respond quickly and professionally when they have a property that needs to be sold. This video is typically emailed directly to asset managers of banks and is sure to set you apart from your competition.


Hedge fund video series: Hedge funds are now the biggest property buyers in the world. If you don’t have a direct connection to the funds buying real estate in your area you are instantly at a disadvantage. The Hedge fund video series introduces you to the Hedge fund, ensure they understand you have access to off-market properties (that is what they are looking for) and you would be willing to send them deals. This is the video that when used correctly could change your financial future. This video is often emailed directly to the hedge funds. We provide access to a tool that can help you find the funds in your area.